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Why we won't miss living in suburbia

Where we live, there is such a cacophony of everyday noises - gas powered lawnmowers, weed-eaters, trimmers, edgers, blowers, barking dogs, etc. Rare occasions when we have time to relax on our deck are often accompanied by the sounds of " the mower man" who lives in a lovely home behind us. I swear this guy has every yard power tool on the planet and they are often going full force during evenings and weekends.. He's piled a mountain of leaves against the fence separating our property lines. He literally climbs this mountain when he empties his leaf bag. HIs next door neighbors have dogs that bark frequently, for no apparent reason other than being outside. Our bedroom is at the rear corner of the home, almost facing the "dog pound." If I want to take a nap, dogs are often barking. They sometimes wake us up before dawn, and on occasion, can be heard during the night.

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