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Why we won't miss living in suburbia, Part 2

We had a neighbor with an extremely loud muffler. Another neighbor told us he had replaced his standard muffler with a coffee can. This guy could be heard coming and going at all hours. Although our bedroom is at the rear of the home, we could hear him loud and clear, usually after going to bed and before getting up. It was a nice accompaniment to the barking dogs behind us. One day I came home and saw a police car parked in his driveway. Hallelujah! One of the neighbors must have complained. No such luck. We saw the police car frequently, and later learned that the policeman was visiting, not issuing warnings. I haven't heard or seen the muffler man lately. Perhaps he's moved or replaced his car. Maybe the mower man met up with the muffler man and settled it peacefully.

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