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Why we love the country part 1: Wonderful neighbors

Today was set aside for clean-up. Thankfully, a dumpster was delivered. Out here, we're able to burn (within reason) without having a visit from the fire department along with a $500 fine. We had a nice little fire going, taking care of fresh wood scraps from construction along with some older boards that have been stacked on the property for years. Our neighbor, Mark, volunteered his kids as helpers, and help they did! Everett, Sophia and Vivian came to the rescue, hauling wood to the fire and other debris to the dumpster. They completely cleaned out trash from two of the bank barn stalls. By the end of the day, I had over 13,000 miles on my Fitbit and I can't begin to calculate how many steps my energetic assistants must have totaled. Mark salvaged some of the older wood and other materials.and will use it for future projects. We also kept a pile for a future workbench in the tractor barn.

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