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Under Roof While KE8EHG Starts the Heating System

Another Amish crew started the roof early in the morning. Fortunately, it was fair weather with little wind. The roof was completed by early afternoon. In bright sunlight, the grey shingles have a bluish cast.

At the same time, Mike Daughenbaugh (MDS Heating and Cooling) started the rough heating/cooling. All register openings are cut, exhaust runs are in place and the location of the thermostat is marked "STAT." He'll be back soon to install the furnace, etc. We met Mike in class last year when we studied for our HAM radio licenses. After we passed and our licenses arrived, we were amused to find that Al's official call sign is KE8EHE, mine is KE8EHF and Mike's is KE8EHG. Using these as acronyms, Al is Extra Heavy Elephant, mine is Extra High Efficiency and Mike is Extraordinary Heating Guy. We enjoy seeing Mike at monthly meetings of the Massillon Amateur Radio Club (MARC).

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