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Well, well!!!!

I've never watched the drilling of a well. It's a fascinating process. A dynamic duo drove a million dollar rig (no kidding) from Middleton, OH to our site. It was an all-day process. Drilling through layers of gravel and sandstone, a grainy mix of watery sand and clay showed up most of the day. The first water was hit at 80 feet but it was not the best quality. Around 7:00 pm, the driller broke through sandstone and hit an incredible artesian well at 240 feet, The pressure of the newly created well was too strong to measure, but the driller initially estimated it at 400 gallons per minute. He said that any municipality would be thrilled to have a well with this pressure. The owner of the rig explained the workings of the rig to Al, who was more than a little interested in the hydraulics. The water is odor free, contains very little iron and minimal hardness. There are no guarantees when a well is drilled - one can only guess what will be found based on information from other wells in the vicinity. This one couldn't have worked out much better.

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