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Light at the end of the spinning tunnel

October 20, 2022

For two months, I have suffered from vertigo, mild most of the time, but intense at others. The intense times create severe panic. During a trip to the ER, where they wanted to do a CAT scan and prescribe drugs, I met a physical therapist who did the Epley maneuver. It helped but didn't cure. My friend Carol counseled me to the point I was able to function following her suggestions related to movements and position. Tired of just coping, six weeks later, I visited my GP who did an x-ray of my neck (diagnosis: a mess) and prescribed physical therapy. My first therapy session was yesterday. Scared to death of going into a severe spell, I was reassured by Jason Bell that it can be a long process to retrain the body and readjust the crystals within the ear labyrinths. Within less than an hour of explanation and treatment, he had me feeling better. It's almost a miracle. I was given home exercises and will revisit Jason later this week. He's also working on my spondylolisthesis and other unpronounceable words related to my neck. Insurance was kind, providing 20 treatments. It's a great relief to know this has a chance of going away and that I'll be able to bend over and sleep on my side again. I've avoided my fall garden cleanup because I can't do the motions of pulling weeds, etc. without experiencing vertigo. For anyone experiencing this type of positional vertigo, a good physical therapist is what you need.


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